20 things

[me & liv @ 30-somethin' weeks.]

my sister did this on her blog a while back.
{and i'm copying.}

20 things about me:

i sing all three verses of "never let the water run" {a really awesome barney song} to
chloe twice a day while she brushes her teeth.

i have 3 peeps numbers entered into my cell phone contact list.
julie, our awesome mesa-tenant
2. our ac guy,
3. cafe
yep: i dial
myron's number manually every time.

i used to steal red hots from my first grade teacher's candy dish during recess.
i still feel guilty about this.
{true story.}
mrs. brenchly: i'm sorry!!]

me &
myron are getting our concealed weapons licences in the very near future.

i'm not a fan of travel.
i'd rather stay home.]
but the most magical place
i've ever been is boston.
i'd love to spend a spring-weekend-away with my man there.

i deleted my
facebook account.
blogster's enough for me.

i think i love
glenn beck so much because he reminds me of a bigger blonde myron.
opinionated, and oh-so entertaining.

today i counted the number of scrapbook pages
i've created in my past four years of teaching at the store.
392 single page spreads.

i'm trying to stop my out-control-habit of saying crap every three minutes.
because every so oft my sweet/innocent
chloe busts out a "cwap."
{kind of hysterical, but probably not appropriate for a 2 year old.}

last month i wore a new super-cute shade maternity shirt twice [all day long] without noticing the tag was still hanging out the bottom.

i test paper models for this cool website, as one of my many little side jobs.

i don't dislike very many things.
but i can safely say
i'm not a huge fan of:
the process of filing taxes, young women's softball/volleyball, maternity pants of all
varieties, and the audition weeks of american idol.

i am truly the most non-observant person in the world.
i just don't care that much about learning.
you will never hear me say: "now let's look that up in the dictionary!"
i'm just content being averagely knowledgeable.

i'm a sucker for anything hello kitty.
i think she's {adorable.}

if i had all the money in the world to make a difference,
i'd open a center for young girls.
kinda like the boys & girls club.
{minus the boys.}

i'm stressed,
i count in my head to five hundred+.
order calms me.
is that psycho?

i think my favorite song of all time is
i'll follow you into the dark"
by death cab for cutie

i can't think about my wedding reception {almost 6!} years ago, without smiling ear to ear.
it was the perfect pink & orange evening.

i still sometimes dial
ryan's cell phone number when i hear a joke i think he'd like.
[he's been on a mission since

this pregnancy i have worn a size medium men's
hanes gray pocket t + myron's athletic shorts about 80% of the time. i only dress up {in jeans} if/when i leave the house. [and sometimes not even then.]

k...time to make YOUR lists!!

love ya!
[happy wednesday...]


The Wizzle said...

You look so.stinkin.cute. And I love that song you mentioned. Makes me cry. Not that that's difficult or anything.

And David says he hates you for getting that Barney song in his head. "Brushing your teeth, having so much fun..."

Apparently. I've never heard it, but I trust him. :)

reddladybug said...

i LOVE all those 20 things about you! heart ya, ang!

runningfan said...

I know I can always trust Angie to make me laugh out loud. And I just did. Many times. Maybe 20, even.

Staci said...

Fun list! I love learning new things about people!

PS...I noticed you are going to have a Friday the 13th baby! My hubby was born on Fri the 13th, so I pretty much think the most amazing people are born on that "unlucky" day:)

Unknown said...

i love angie lists!!!

Coree Adams said...

You are too cute for words. Can't wait until the next Dunn/Adams reunion!

Vicki Johnson said...

Girl I just LOVE you. I say Holy Crap way too much and I say good luck with that goal. Your Hair is Amazing and Adorable and you look so sweet and dare I say {hottie}.

mademoisellechitchat said...

Such a SWEET picture and post.

Unknown said...

Cute cute things about you and you look FABULOUS in that pic!! I am loving your hair!!!

Funny that you don't like watching the crazy auditions on American Idol, thats mostly all I watch ha ha

Sassy said...

I love that pic of you and you seriously just make me want to smile when I read your posts....I just LOVE you so much! What a fun list...I might have to give it a try!

Laurie said...

great list, I love it! I can't believe you are so close to having your baby. So fun!

Kelsie Thueson said...

Hi!! I'm one of those famous blog stalkers that everyone loves!! I'm actually really good friends with Becky Hamblin (I think you know her). Anyway, I'm in this 'stump' of a hair phase and wanted to chop my hair, but couldn't exactly find a picture to match my description...until I crossed your blog (thankfully!). So, if you wouldn't mind, will ya take a picture of the back of your hair so I can have visuals for my hair gal? And so I can have fabulous hair :) Also, is your hair thin or thick? (or somewhere in the middle)? I would REALLY appreciate it! Thanks a bunch!

Unknown said...

Wow, thanks for sharing!
You look READY for Olivia! Wow, neat to see you in photos! thanks for sharing that beautiful pregnancy photo!!! YIPPEE!!!

Hey by the way, I think we may go to the talent show!

I was in one once at Mesa Jr. and loved it. I read a poem on Mrs. Beatle Bailey.
On poetry.com, you can find my poems I wrote, I love them.
I mean it is neat how things like that just come to mind!

amy mo said...

That's the cutest pregnant picture ever. & I love the mirror!

I say crap a lot too without even realizing it, & I recently found out that the boys I babysit consider it a bad word. I feel like such a bad influence!

I loved reading these!

rachbechep said...

i just love you ang!!!
and you look so cute!!

Unknown said...

Ang, you make me smile, I really miss you, but I love catching up on your blog. You look beautiful and glowing in your pix. Thanks for making my day everytime I read your blog.

Amelia Smith said...

Hi! I don't know if you even remember me :) Your blog is seriously one of my favorites and you have the cutest little girl (besides my own of course :)). I'm making a poster scrapbook thing so I googled in google images "scrapbook poster" for ideas and guess who's picture pops up! YOURS! I thought that was the cooolest thing ever. Just had to let you know.

Kaytie Brown said...

MY list
1. I freaking LOVE, no seriously LOVE your hair
2. I totally bust out "brushing on the top... and I really don't wanna stop" too (but not every time)
3. We've got to "meet at the fence"/chat it up sometime soon please.

The Fletchies said...

I don't think I have ever counted past 500...maybe I would be more organized if I could. And my mom's number is still in my speed dial. Ryan should be glad to know you still dial his number.

MeL said...

Filing taxes must be a B especially since you have so many side jobs and personal projects and whatnot! Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'd hate it too. Luckily for us, we made a very laughable amount of money this year, aka we're students, so not much is difficult there.

Oh, and can I say how very attractive you are right now? Basically if I look as darling as you when I have a child in utero, I will be estatic. You're a babe.

Leslie said...

First, you're adorable. Every(strange)thing about you is adorable.
Second, does the concealed weapons permit have anything to do with NieNie? Because since I read her post about having one, I kinda want to get myself one, too.
Third, polka-dots and stripes rule.