a note to self

sometimes i forget.

{so i made myself a reminder sign for our bedroom.}

‘cause let’s get real:

my life = so much better/inspired

when i’m diligent with my prayers.

such a simple little thing:

helps me deal with my constant angie-craziness.


last night mid-insomniac-session, i read this.

and i felt peace beyond reason.

i am so grateful that through all the many challenges of life...

[potty training & economic depressions included]

...i have a loving heavenly father that will help me fight my daily goliaths.

{if i just remember to ask...}

*happy wednesday!


Vicki Johnson said...

I ♥ U!!!!! Thanks for your continuing and constant inspiration!! Hey, back when you posted your pix for Glen Beck, Jared and I sent ours in too. I was glad you reminded me to git r done!! Happy Wednesday back at ya!

runningfan said...

Thanks for the reminder, sis. You're a great example.

granny said...

So true, so true. Thanks.

mademoisellechitchat said...

Girl, I thank the Lord for LIFE each morning that my cell phone alarm goes off.

Indeed, He is good ALL THE TIME!!!

Holly said...

Ang, you are awesome. thanks for that dawg.

oh p.s. i tagged you.

Holly said...

haha ok so i just re-read the comment i just left.. it sounds really creepy....i tagged you. sorry to sound all chester-like in the comment... just consider yourself tagged. not stalked ;)

heather said...

I need to make myself one of those little signs too. I'm great at remembering night time prayers but the mornings always seem to jump start themselves and I forget. Really good idea. Thanks!

The Candlands said...

Thank you for sharing the link to "Meeting Your Goliaths" because today was a very hard day for me. Your post was a "tender mercy" given to me. Thanks!

Jamie said...

The sign is too stinkin' cute! You are awesome, hope all is well. Only 2 weeks and 1 day . . . yeah!

Lori said...

Very well said . . . and I love your reminder sign.

katie said...

Hi, Angie

My sister is your buddy, Cori, from Las Vegas. I look at your blog all the time...Hope that doesn't creep you out...My sis is always talking about you...You are an amazing person & I love your talent!!!! I have a ? for you...Do you make and sell your adorable "Did you think to pray" signs? I'm totally interested. I would need a "girlie" & boy one. Let me know!!! I totally love them.

Kaelene said...

Angie -
Heavenly Father loves me, too, because He has given me the inspiration that YOU are to me and others!
I'm gonna make me a "Did you think to Pray?" sign, too! Heaven knows that I need to be reminded!
♥ u!

Sassy said...

That is beautiful LOVE IT! That's a reminder we could all use..