a little dose of inspired counsel for a wednesday evening

i just discovered this happy little spot on youtube where there are a bunch of gospel messages put to music, words, and images.

[i beyond-love it.]

after watchin' a handful of 'em
i feel motivated to:

*clean my room,
*take a deep breath,
*try harder to be a more patient mommy
[& baby-grower],

*a loving wife,
*& just do the
best i can.

[funny how the spirit does that.]

*happy wednesday!


runningfan said...

Ah, I needed an Angie post tonight! What a great video. Thanks!

The Wizzle said...

So nice. I just watched "Come What May and Love It". Cannot be reminded enough, apparently...

Cherie Nelson said...

I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing!

Vicki Johnson said...

Angie - ♥ ♥

I love it when you comment.

I love it when you post!!

Can't wait to see pix of Olivia and especially Olivia with Chloe.

rachbechep said...

thank you ang!
that made my night 100 times better!

Brynn P. said...

You always have such inspirational posts on your blog; whether it be for home, scrapbooking and more importantly the spiritual stuff!
Thanks for the occasional spiritual reminder. I love em'! This one was just what I needed!

{Hope you don't mind that I look at your blog. I have for a LONG time. It's just so great!}

Sassy said...

you never cease to inspire...he was one of my very favorites...just like you...hugs to you =0}

Kaelene said...

Angie, thank you, a million times over, AGAIN, for helping focus on the goal of returning to Heavenly Father!
I love your willingness to share and reach out to those who need your eternal optimism and happiness!
Thank you, my friend! ♥