under the leafy treetops

right now i'm just tryin' to hardcore savor
livy's newborn-ness & the arizona springtime
while i can.

'cause let's get real:
{they'll both be gone before we know it.}

time is fleeting.
*and sometimes that makes me sad.

but yay for mini-moments...
[like this one under granny's lemon tree]

...that are tattooed on my angie-heart forever.

here's to:
growing babies,
simple pleasures,
a bright future ahead.

{happy weekend!}


cori said...

i want to hold her. whhaaah.

she is so sweet!

angie. look at her fingertips and littls lips.

what a doll.

i am so happy for you!

katie said...

such a sweet post. it makes me miss arizona and sweet newborns so much...


runningfan said...

If you're gonna have a tattoo, that's the one to have. :)

Unknown said...

oh you dress her so darling!
I waved at your yesterday, but, you didn't see me.
you look adorable like your adorables. LOL

joeyship said...

Oooooh, cute great-grandma booties! So sweet on those cute little baby feet.

Ashley said...

Oh I love that picture of the adorable little shoes!!! SO cute!!

Vicki Johnson said...

Never regret the moments of savor my Dear, they are the best part of life!!

In the leafy treetops!! I LOVE that song. I am so glad someone as young as you knows it. That is a classic.

You are a classic!

Sassy said...

I ♥ her cute cute cute little shoes....I love spring and I love the trees and the protection they give from the blazing sun...your mom's yard must be just like the garden of eden....what a cute post!