the pretender

my girl & her sweet imagination
have been busy
playing & pretending
this morning.

her love of babies, ponies, and all things princess
makes my girlie heart happy.

*because i was the exact same
way when i was little.


i've been eavesdropping her cuteness
& cracking up for the last hour and a half-ish.

some classic things that i have overheard her say=

"pinkie pie, that's not okay. do you need a time out?"

"see ya later ariel- we are going to the big city."

"ooo, i love your shoes tina."
{tina's the orange pony}

"the butterflies come to costco with me to get some muscle milk."

"cinderellie, did you know barbie has a baby grill in her tummy?"
{ps: she does!}


chloe also sang a very exuberant rendish of
"here we are together" with her collection of ponies.

"there's lolly, and star, and pinkie pie, and tina, and rainbow, and baby olibia, and mommy, etc."

hil. arious.

{it's a happy monday!}


Kapri said...

that's so cute! 3 year olds are just precious and hilarious! I hope little Scarlett is as girlie as the clo'!

Lisa said...

That is so dang funny-cute! I love to read what little kids have to say.

Kate said...

I kinda miss her, like a LOT. :)

Kate said...

Oh, and did Chloe arrange all her ponies in a row like that?

granny said...

Of course she arranged them all herself. She is her mother's daughter, I'm tellin' you. And it probably took her 15 minutes to get it just right. Love that girl. Miss her!

The Wizzle said...

Love it! Nothing makes me happier than kids entertaining themselves with their own gigantic imaginations.

Marilyn said...

Just plain cuteness. My girlie used to play with crayons-line them up and talk to them and make up all sorts of things! She loved ponies and babies too!

Unknown said...

That is way too cute! I love little girls and their sweet imaginations. It will be so fun to eavesdrop on Lola when she grows :)

joeyship said...

My daughter wasn't much into the girlie things. She would play "Barbies" a little differently. She and her brothers would team up with Ninja Turtles. Barbie often came to a dreadful end in these situations. All the same, it took me directly down memory lane.

Kaelene said...

She is one cute girlie! I love to listen to little children imagine . . . and even better when they laugh a lot!

Vicki Johnson said...

so sweet, so charming, so adorable, these are the moments, these are what it is ALL about ♥

Sassy said...

What I'd give to have my girlies that size again...it is wonderful that you document her little sayings down...you think you won't forget them but you do...

little ponies were a huge favorite with my girls when they were small too....that Chloe sure is a keeper isn't she?

Unknown said...

oh is that simply adorable or what??
I could that for hours also but, can't remember that far back. Only like 8ish,playing with my metal stove, refrig, and sink and my baby alive and the peach baby food or bananas. YUM!
take care, your cute!

Yadirapocketfullofhopes said...

So cute :) Where do you teach scrapbooking classes? I would love to take some :)