finding my mojo

i have pretty much felt like this chick lately.

just put an over sized mesa high t-shirt on her & yep!
that's me.

don't worry though:
i'm {determined} to find my seriously missing mojo.

it's hidden deep.
but i know she's there!

{my mojo} randomly gets lost sometimes,
and i just hafta re-eval & send out a
search party.

here are a few goals/ideas i have come up with
to assist me in my mojo-locating efforts.

1. back to basics!
read my scriptures & say my prayers every day, no matter what.
KNOW this is the best thing i can do for myself.

2. accept my limitations!
prioritize & realize i might
only get one thing done
per day & that's okay, happy, & good.

3. shower!
start for reals working on the 24/7 lounge-wear/no-makeup look i've been sporting for the past, er, year or so. *it's just not good for the confidence, ya know?

4. embrace my role as mommy!
aka: work when the babies are sleeping, and play when they are awake.

5. sweat!
release stress through exercise instead of non-productive things like complaining, venting, crying a river, or gossiping my life away.

6. look!...
for the joy, fun, color, tender mercies, inspiration, & the Lord's constant hand in my life
& share it.

7. dismiss negative thoughts.


my spunky self who has a unique style & passion for life will be back shortly.
{just you wait & see.}


"everyone has valleys in life, when your spark has waned a bit, and you’ve forgotten what it’s like to love your calling. your love is probably still there, somewhere. do what you can to find it, instead of running your batteries on obligation. everyone in your family will thank you."
-simple mom.net


VICKI IN AZ said...

I think my favorite days are when you comment!!
Thank you.
You are on your way girl.
Love that list!!
I am proud of you. Thanks for the inspiration.
PS I got online and ordered a large print of that picture of my family!!!

mademoisellechitchat said...


Don't let the devil rob you of your mojo. Therefore, get up, shower, put on some lovely makeup (even if it's just foundation and some perky lip stick and gloss), wink at yourself in the mirror, and strut your stuff. ;)

You're welcome for the pics. I am printing them out today and creating a LO. I will be sure to send you a pic of it.

Love ya!

The Wizzle said...

These are all good ideas. Very good ideas.

I know all about having your mojo sucked, and you just have to fight to get it back! I think I shall call you next time I'm heading to the library/mall/um, I don't know, I don't go that many places anymore. Leaving the house is a big incentive to get out of one's pajamas/workout clothes and put your face on, as my mom says.

Sassy said...

I love your posts....even though my youngest is 17...I still feel like that pic...you sound soooooo much like my days and my mojo....if I would do your #1...the easiest thing in the world but yet the hardest to stay consistant with and I know my days are tons better when I do it....but then I slip up A G A I N!!!! My Grandma Gardner use to tell me....because I NEVER wore anymake up...."Kayola.....even a barn looks better painted!" I have never forgot her telling me that....and everyday...I don't wear makeup but I do know if it's only mascara...it'll help me. Somebody else told me when I am down and feelin' a bit low...just raise your eyebrows up....it does seem to change your perspective...at least it does mine...it's a little better than when mine are at their normal scrunched downward sloping pessimistic poor me angle....which is usually...

I love you Angie...you are BOMB DIGGITY!!!!!!

runningfan said...

I'm right there with you, girl! I'm on the hunt myself. :)

Natalie said...

angie, you are so so cuteee.

this is random, but i think i was wee-little and was in ze' store de la scrapbookin' when some punk-chickies tried to steal a book. and you were working. and i said "ermm..they just stole a book". aaha. maybe not.

ps. cute blog. i'mma add you to my list of "blogs-i-stalk-like-a-creeper" regardless of if you concur. sorry :]

Unknown said...

I feel you, I know that we all go through the funk every now and then. You are such a fabulous lady and I know you will be back to your old self in no time :) I love love love that quote, thanks for sharing it!

granny said...

Keep me on track with you!

Peg and Parker said...

When you find it, and I know you will, please send a little this way will ya? I have been missing it for some time. I think it's the same for new mommies, new empty nesters, new life change (of any kind)survivors. Pres. Hinckley said "occasional vistas and burst of speed". I think most of the journey is just average so that that wonderful can stand out a little when if occurs. I love that you smile anyway. You are so worthwhile. Heart, Peg

Ashley said...

That picture made me crack up, because that's totally me too!!! Great post!!