time flies dude.

...like, it’s the [end] of july.

when {on earth} did that happen?

past little while in a blog-shell=

*baby livy is now a madly-skilled roller-over-er.

*i completed another project for banner baywood medical center.

{a baby board for the women’s labor & delivery unit.}

*our dad/man has been working like a dog.

60+ hours a week in the most random-of-combination of shifts ever.

*cutest chloe completed 2 rounds of swim lessons & was obsessed.

RIP taylor pool.

*i successfully turned 26 years of age.

*...and we’re currently busy moving all of our junk & storing it in a tetris-like-manner in dixon-suite-#5’s closet…because a new & delightful non-furnished renter is about to move into our gilbert home. [we feel tremendously blessed.]


{unfortunately} this post contains nearly every picture we’ve taken this summer….

i know: pathetic, huh?!

so...more soon.

*i just need some new blog material.


runningfan said...

Super cute family and bulletin board! Thanks for the pics!

Kate said...

Oh my word. I love you, and your cutest fam. That Chloe picture is TDF, and so are Livy's cheeks!

The Wizzle said...

You and the girls are SO beautiful! Gosh. They're growing up so fast, and prettier every time I see them.

Also, I love Tetris. Never tried it in real life though.

Unknown said...

Happy bday...I love your hair in that photo! It makes your eyes especially gorgeous. :)

Emmy Z. said...

Baby Olivia is getting so big! Adorable pics!

mademoisellechitchat said...

BEAUTIFUL pic of Miss Chlo'

I declare that the baby's looks are changing since I saw her a couple of weeks ago.

She looks great in mellow yellow! ;)


heather said...

New material? You've got two of the cutest girl ever, just posting pictures of 'em is totally good enough!

Marisa said...

your girls are BEAUTIFUL.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

You are TOO cute. Your cute scrappin' skills are killer.

Beth Curtis said...

so glad I got to see you!! I love your beautiful babies!!

granny said...

love you girlfriend.

Ashley said...

Love the recap! Your little girls are both so cute!

Unknown said...

hey chick,
So, your moving back to your madre's and padre's again??
You moved out of your casa, then to your padre's casa, and then to your casa, and now back to your padre's casa? Wow, if that is the case, then you are amazing!!!!
I don't think I could do that so much with all this stuff. LOL

You should set up a sorting, packing, and moving business!

Your Girls are adorable!!!
P.S. love the no mustache! :)
Now can you give me some pointers to help remove my Juan and Only's?

Kaytie Brown said...

Thanks for the update on your little life! Preciate it :)

Natalie said...

shush-hush your face; that board is just darling.

and ohhhmahhecks i love the girls' bows! lookit you, all cute and mommylike.

Sassy said...

♫happy belated birthday♫♪...I have missed reading your posts...life has just been so very busy...you make me smile Angie!!!! Love your Banner boards...you are so dang talented!!! Your daughters are too too cute!!!!! Loved seeing you on Saturday!