my ballerina

if you ever want to be very entertained,
i would highly recommend
attending a 3-year-old's dance recital.

if you ever want to smile ear to ear,
watch chloe dance
{and wave repeatedly}
on the stage.

if you ever want to be really jealous,
try applying mascara to chloe's thick/amazing eyelashes.

if you ever want to laugh really hard,
listen to chlo' call her tights "stretchy pawnts."

if you ever want to be incredibly proud & in love with life,
be a momma to this fearless, joyful, adorable child.

good job chloe!
you are performer through & through.
i love ya babe.


beth said...

ha ha ha I totally love it. My favorite dance recital was my niece's first one. She was 5 has down syndrome and she stood and picked her nose through most of it. It was fan tastic~!

Beth Curtis said...

oh she is SO adorable! And getting so big!

granny said...

so glad I got to witness it first hand. she stole the show.

MeL said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I want to steal her and have her as my own!

Kate said...

Augh! The cuteness level kills me. :)

The Wizzle said...

I didn't know she was having a recital! I would have loved to see it. She looks like she had a great time.

Yadirapocketfullofhopes said...

aww how cute :0 she is a star in the making, but I think she already is a star, just fearless!!!

runningfan said...

She's precious!

Mark Dixon said...

It was wonderful to be there with you and Chloe yesterday. What a great time!

maccam said...

She is so beautiful ang! Love, Cam

Burgess said...

She is just adorable. I need a girl so I can watch her dance and get her pink converse!

Erica said...

I just died at the cuteness of her. Died.

mademoisellechitchat said...

GORGEOUS! I want her, Ang.

Share, please. ;)

Sassy said...

I am not her momma....but I am her teacher......and she brings a smile to my face.......just curious when she was on stage did she tell the audience it is her birthday in April? I LOVE HER!