my hobby/job

ya probably get sick of me
posting work-ness on my blog.

a semi-{huge} part of my life
is paper-n-glue
so i thought
i'd *share* a couple of
projects i did for friends/clients.

{circus banner & invites}

{wedding announcements}

{relief society scrapbook pages}

and there's lots more...
i have children
to attend to &
christmas shopping
to start-n-finish.


if you know anyone who needs custom invites or
scrapbooking/projects done for them....

have 'em hit me up.



Marisa and Rob said...

Too cute Angie!!! I will have to keep you in mind when Amirra's birthday comes around again. Do you do Birth Annoucements?! :0)

granny said...

cute.com as always.com

Unknown said...

HOlY COW! I'm in LOVE with all of them, but especially the circus invites, too cute!!

Annette said...

Your going to be famous!!!!

Lori said...

Here is a business proposition for you . . . how much would you charge for "creating" scrapbook pages for me by looking at some missionary pictures that I have of my son's mission and basically designing the page for me and then I could "copy" your design. I wouldn't want you to actually make the page, but just give me some cute ideas for the layouts. I've done a lot for his scrapbook, but I have a brain freeze and I just can't seem to come up with some ideas and I'm getting behind. Let me know.

Lori said...

Ugh . . . email me regarding the message above.

Lori @ lhunsaker@clufflawfirm.com

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Love. To copy Clod, you're amazing.com

amy mo said...

Dear Angie: These things are the cutest things I've seen in my life. MY LIFE. Please give me some of your creativeness because the finance/accounting part of me is obviously hogging up all of my brain power & not leaving any room for cuteness. & I need cuteness in my life. Please & thank you. Love, Amy.