a very un-birthday

my chloe is kind of obsessed with birthdays.
birthday parties.
birthday songs.
birthday hats.
birthday cakes.

once a day
{at least}
she says,

"momma, you come to my birthday party?"
"my birthday is tomorrow."
"is it april? 'cause that's my birthday."
{my personal fave}
"come to my party when the clock strikes one,
and the mouse runs down."

it just so happened that i needed
some pink birthday photos for
a page i was designing for work.

we staged a faux birthday of sorts.

chloe turned 3.

and we lit,
blew out the candles,
and sang the happy birthday song
7.4 times.

{chloe was in heaven.}

*don't be fooled:
the cupcakes were nasty.

{happy un-birthday!}


Kim said...

First I have to say I love the new look of your blog!!!

And a very happy un-birthday to Chloe.

It's funny you posted about this because Ally and Aubrey have been watching Alice in Wonderland in the van all week...so I've heard the song many times. Can't wait to see your pages I know they will be great!!!

The Wizzle said...

What a great idea! Birthdays are pretty much awesome, kids are smart to be obsessed with them.

•stephanie• said...

no such thing as nasty cupcakes.
unless they are rainbow chip.
happy birthday again and again and again to chloe.

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

how fun!

what a lucky little girl...two birthdays in one year!

and cupcakes are so yummy...always! :)

Stephanie...i'm gonna have to disagree with you...rainbow chip are my absolute favey fave cupcakes!!

Sassy said...

This little birthday girlie CRACKS ME UP!!!!!!!!!! Every preschool day we are invited to her party....she makes me laugh.....♥ her....lucky her to have a very merry un-birthday...lucky her to have YOU!!!!

MeL said...

You are officially the cutest mom on the face of the planet! Seriously, why not throw your kid a fake birthday party? I lu-uh-uve it.

Also, thanks always for the ever so kind comments on the blog. You will forever be one of my favorite people on the planet. I started an email to you like two weeks ago, and then saved it, and then I got annoyed that my Drafts box was bolded all the time so I deleted it. Perhaps I'll redraft and send it this time!

Anyhoo, you're too cute for words, and I love these pictures as well as the darling ones that Amanda took!

Coree Adams said...

That's adorable...and I love your new background.

Lori said...

Hey I think that is the coolest thing and we should all try it - every six months have a "unbirthday birthday". Well those yucky cupcakes sure do look yummy.

granny said...

Love that girl. And her mom.

katie said...

[i love your new blog! you've probably had it ages and stupid google reader never shows me... grrrr]

anyway, i looove un-birthdays!!! alice in wonderland is my favorite movie! chloe is the cutest!!!