pepsi throwback

throwbacks are in season.
and myron is excited.

*i'm not a fan.
but i love the oldschool-esqe cans.
{so adorable.}

i prefer my blue high fructose corn syrup;
he can have his natural sugar all to himself.

boys vs. girls style.


runningfan said...

Is this like the creamy vs. crunchy or white vs. wheat or butter vs. margarine debate at my house?

Love the fridge shot.

manders said...

brent was pretty pumped about the throwback as well! i can't tell a difference, but i'm a fan of the old school cans!

mademoisellechitchat said...

Girl, can either of you even REMEMBER the old Pepsi cans/glass bottles and soda machines?! ;)

I can. ;)

Love ya!

Matt & Lynsey Evans said...

I saw the throwback Mt. Dew at Target. Matt tried to tell me it was just a gimic to get me to buy it. Well, it worked. Tried it. To be completely honest...I can't even tell a difference.

Sassy said...

You are so funny....I am a coke product girl...always was told if you drink pepsi...it would make you dance funny and grab your crotch.....LOL

sandalloons40 said...

wow, I love that and where do you get theM? Incredible and I think the bottle is the best. Remember the old bottles that you hit your mouth on whens someone bumped into you? and you needed to find a can opener? LOL Cute shots!