those moments

all moms have 'em-
those moments.

ya know? - those moments,
those moments when
at the most random of times,
a. so deeply grateful & content
b. a little bit sad

thankful beyond measure that you
have this amazing gift of a child
this heart-wrenching bit of sadness that
it's all going by too fast.

i had one of those moments
just the other day,
while chlo' was brushing her teeth
& i was sitting on the ground changing
livy's diaper.

i thought,
when did chloe's curly hair grow so long?
when did liv grow into a freakin' size 5 diaper?

time is fleeting.
and i love 'em so much,
that truth hurts sometimes.

that's why,
those moments-
they inspire me
to live consciously every single second.

to savor this time i have
with my little ones, while i help them to
sprout their little wings so they can eventually
fly away from me to experience
those moments of their own.


granny said...

Oh, and then they go and have children of their own and it just gets better and better....

Coree Adams said...

I most recently had the exact same experience. Bringing a baby home to their older siblings definitely makes you wonder where the time has gone. *SIGH* Alas, it is definitely more sweet than bitter and the most wonderful calling on earth!

Emily said...

Cute blog! :) XOxo.

Kaytie Brown said...

I'm SO right there with you lately... And I LOVE the sis Hinckley quote, have you ever read "Glimpses"? its awesome.

Sassy said...

those are tuff and ♥ wrenching moments....and I feel them all of the time........time flies right on by even when you are not having fun and when you are as well......I can't believe I have children in their thirties....I swear I just barely gave birth to my first child.......it breaks my heart......