4 wheeling

taking laps around the block with chloe

& her new bicycle is a very entertaining experience.

she's a quick little learner.
and the caliber of cuteness of her in her helmet...omg.

she has definitely inherited her mom's cautious driver gene.
{slamming on the breaks when we are within 50 yards of a garbage can.}

*remind me to take her out when it's not recycle day, k?

go chloe go!


Eric Dixon said...

That picture on the left is so hilarious.

Burgess said...

I just wanted to get Izzy a big boy bike for the helmet cuteness alone! CUTE GIRLS!! (all of you!)

runningfan said...

The caliber of her cuteness is indeed very high! I have dreams of family bikes rides in the AZ winter. (If we're there, I'm asking Santa for a bike and trailer for Christmas.)

Laura Blue said...

she looks adorable in that helmet. i can't wait for milestones like those. looks like you are enjoying the az sun!

Sassy said...

She is cute in anything she wears.....and she is a quick learner......wasn't she barely born...I remember going to your apartment with a little pair of shoes for little baby feet and now she is old enough to ride a bike.....SLOW DOWN LITTLE MISSY....YOU ARE GROWING TOO FAST!!!!!

Angie said...

So cute! At least she knows how to use those brakes. Cam has smacked right into those recycle bins because she "forgot how to stop."

granny said...

What a fun adventure. She is really growing up. Bikes seem to give them a sense of independence I never quite appreciated, but can it get any cuter than Chloe+helmet+bike+slamming on brakes?

Bev said...

I love the little ponytail sticking out from her helmet! What a girly girl!! Cute little thing!~

Alisse Baldwin said...

The caliber of cuteness is, indeed, off the charts. So adorable!

And in reference to the post below, I also pretend to like eggs. But really just enjoy my breakfast of ice cream (yesterday) a lot better. Oopsie!