this has been both of my kids for the last two days.


very, very


fevers all around here @ the dunn household.
*except me [knock on wood].

makes me sad to see my babies sick.
{including myron}
i mean,
weren't we JUST sick?
i feel like we get sick kind of a lot.

and that got me thinking:
maybe i should be more of a germaphobe.

i'm so not.

i mean, i believe in the washing of hands
and using clorox wipes liberally when needed.
i keep a semi-clean house, *usually.
and we take certain precautions.

but what's this ten second rule all about?
no way. 1 minute, we're good.

binky fell on the floor?
what's a little protein gonna hurt?

myron's drink sitting right there tempting me?
of course, i'm taking a swig.

toliet needs cleaning?
who freaking cares: get er done!

diaper explosion?
i'm a big girl....bring it on.


in conclusion:
germs don't scare me.
but maybe they should.

*because they are hurting my feelings today.


granny said...

germs, germs, go away! it seems like when you have little kids, everybody just gets sick more. hope it ends soon.

Bev said...

You are so cute!! You even make germs cute!! Love you!

The Wizzle said...

Germs suck. I am so not a germaphobe either...but two of my kids are sleeping with barf bowls tonight so you probably shouldn't take my advice on the matter.

Staci said...

You are the one who REALLY needs a nap...taking care of a sick household is exhausting! Sorry!

It is good you are not a total germ freak. those kids get sick a LOT a LOT...because they are never around them, so when they are...instantly sick! Keeping being "ok" with them & hopefully they aren't sick again for a long time!

elizabeth said...

Personally I think it's more about making sure you have a good defense rather than offense. Up your intake of vitamins and fruits and veggies! I notice such a difference in my own body when I do that and I haven't been sick in . . . I don't remember the last time. True story.

Marilyn said...

I think it's a fact of life when you have little kids that they are sick all the time-whew-I remember the day! They bring hom stuff from nursery/preschool/kindergarten. Hang in there-they DO grow up-way too fast!

Lisa said...

I hear you sista. My baby has had a fever for days. And he went through this just a few weeks ago too.

Can't we get a friggin break?!

Susan said...

I too try to get myself riled up about germs...I just can't though.

Good Luck.

Sassy said...

Lots and lots of good food.....thankfully she loves broccoli....but lots and lots of veggies and fruit....and seriously little ones in school seems to get sick quite often.....but she is my first since spring break bless her heart....hope she bumps back really quick!!!!!!! I missed her!

Lori said...

You are a great homemaker and wonderful mother/wife so those germs are entering your house not because of anything you are or aren't doing. I think it is just the nature of the germ law . . . children get sick and so do adults. Those sicky germs just travel around in the air and I think they land on the really cute people. That's your problem - you're family is just too dang cute. Hope everyone is feeling better soon and that you don't get it (because everyone knows you're cute too).

MeL said...

Boo that you are having to deal with all of that crap this week! But I'm glad that you're feeling well, because rumor has it that moms don't get to be sick. I hope all of your little loves are feeling better very soon.

As for the house, I drove by it yesterday afternoon like right after I read your comment. I also had a text from Sara alerting me to the sale status on the house as soon as I got out of work, so I figured with two people telling me, it must be a sign. :) Yes I want to buy it...now who wants to give me a loan?