the pink chair

in the corner of the baby's room, there lives a pink chair.

it was a kmart blue light special circa 2006,
purchased in preparation for the arrival of chloe:

when it got a little worn, i did a ghetto-recovering job using a hotter-pink shower curtain that was on clearance at target for $6.34.

it's my favorite chair in the house.

many a-night i've spent rocking my girls in that chair.

...in that chair i can be found nurturing, singing songs, reading stories, or just being silent...

*i've even been known to just rock myself whilst watching my baby sleep.

in that chair i know who i am. i know my purpose. i feel god's love.

last night, i spent a couple hours in the pink chair with a sad-livy. and as we rocked, a scripture came to mind that has come to my mind many times while sitting in that chair.....

"be still, and know that i am god...."
psalms 46:10

through stillness in my little pink rocker,
i know, he's real.

i know he watches over us as we fulfill our own individual callings in life.
he's available to us as a constant voice of reason.
he makes unfair & troubling thoughts peaceful at a moments notice.

i'm grateful for my mission to rock my babies when they need comfort.
i'm grateful for the comfort i receive in return as i do so.
i'm grateful for my pink chair.


Burgess said...

It's the greatest to be a mom!!! And a comfy pink chair doesn't hurt the job!

Lori said...

The world needs more pink chairs!

Ali said...

Wha a beautiful, beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing!

Beth Curtis said...

love it. I am feeling ya.

granny said...

So touching. Thanks.

Emily Moffat said...

This is so sweet, Angie.

I just have to say how much I love your blog. My favorite part of it is the picture of you on the right in the green "participant" ribbon. It's an adorable photo! But mostly I love the story that goes with it. I love what it signifies.

It reminds me of a lady whose home I went to recently who had a framed certificate in her workout room for a marathon. In bold print it said: FINISHER. Her time was amazing to me, given that it meant she completed a marathon, but it was somewhere around the time of 7-8 hours. In other words, she didn't come in first, but she FINISHED! And to her, that was worth framing! I was at this woman's home for a film shoot and didn't get the chance to meet her but I didn't need to to know she was pretty classy.

Life is overflowing with pink chair moments, but they're usually laced with trials and frustrations that can often pull away focus from where it really should be--on the awesome stuff that happens in that pink chair! This life is not easy. Period. That's not the point. The point is to participate. The point is to take notice of the pink chairs and celebrate the joys they bring to us and those we love in our time on earth. We just don't know how much of it we have. And gosh darn it, when it's done I want a BIG certificate in a BIG frame that says: FINISHER!!

Thanks for "participating," Angie. You make the race a little easier for all of us. I love you girl!

neeners said...

I love how much you love being a mom.

The Wizzle said...

I love my rocking chair. When I moved the girls in together, there wasn't room for it in the room, but I couldn't bear to part with it, so I put it in my parents' house. Now that we are moving, I think I will once again have a spot for it and I will be so happy to welcome it back.

I love you, I love your pink chair, and I frickin' love your attitude. Rock on, sister.

(Get it?)

Bev said...

You are amazing, just simply amazing!!