some loves

i love thursdays.

i love that netflix sent me {500 days of summer} today.

i love my mom's pansies.

i love that precious liv took 3 steps!

i love bazzill's new prismatics line of cardstock. {so much!}

i love homemade rolls from yesterday, even though i [really!] shouldn't.

i love that i belted every lyric to "semi-charmed-life" in my car today.

i love that when i'm changing a diaper, chloe sprints for the lysol air freshener automatically.

i love bumble&bumble hair cream.

i love cover girl makeup.

i love this year: it's been such a good one so far.

i love quarters. and dimes.

i love walmart.

and target.

and target commercials.

i love making forts for chloe.

i love laying in bed with myron
and laughing
and being sarcastic about life.

i love the convenience of a text.

i love relief society.

i love jimmy fallon.

i love houndstooth anything.

and, i love, love, love

{sweet dreams!}


granny said...

My pansies are getting sad. :(
I love bedtime too.

Kate said...

I love you, and the fact that so many of our loves are the same. Especially houndstooth... and pansies and Target..... mostly all of it.

runningfan said...

I love your blog.

Lori said...

I love your list . . .

The Parkers said...

love the list...we got 500 days of summer from netflix too..have you seen it before or is this first time? Let me know what you think?!

Bev said...

Nothing more to be said....you come up with the neatest stuff!! I love that you are in our RS...don't know what I'd do without you, now that we have you!!
You sooooo inspire me!!

Holly said...

We are twins.
and I love you.

Sassy said...

your list makes me smile......=)

ForeverSarahLee said...

I heart Relief Society too!

Oh, and Target commercials!

Ooh, and you!!

katie said...

i love your blog! and you! and your cute family!