personal progress goal

{kickin' chicken & veggies, pot roast & fresh fruit, whole wheat creamy chicken pesto & spinach salad}

i have {never} been a consistent dinner-maker for my family.

but, i've been working on it lately.
[like, old-school personal progress style.]

i made a calendar of cheap, easy familiar meals...
and i've been following the list for the past couple weeks.

i'd share my 30-day plan here,
but i'm still tweaking & changing it as the days go by.

i really want it to better cater to my low-carb diet
& use recipes that i can make smaller...[too many leftovers!]

all these years, [it'll be seven next week!]
i thought cooking for my family made my life more stressful-
buying, making, and cleaning up meals just overwhelmed me.

and, even though i'd still admit,
it is a challenge to find recipes that work
for everyone's taste buds...

cooking at home is making my life easier, simpler, healthier

& i feel better about myself for doing it.


let's keep this up!


Kaytie Brown said...

Way to be on eating whole wheat pasta. I am a HUGE whole wheat fan but physically can not do whole wheat pasta. Have you found one that doesn't taste like the oposite of food?

Kaytie Brown said...

Oh yeah, I miss you.

granny said...

Looks so good!

Bev said...

Low carb? I'm all over it! Looks yummy. Will you share the recipes? Way to go ANG!!

Cadi said...

I totally get the win/win/win thing...i used to think making dinner was such a chore. But once I decided to give it a go, I was amazed by how simply good it felt ito do it and now I'm addicted and happy to do it. It's a secret that a little wifey has to figure out on her own. Once you know the secret, life flows better.
***still love your blog. Your blog eeks happy.

Marilyn said...

Yummy! When you're ready, do share your recipes! Also, when I cook too much (which is every day now), I freeze the leftovers in ziplock bags. Some things don't freeze well, like maybe your chicken and veggies, but it's awesome to take out a frozen meal when you don't feel like cooking! (like last night)

Lori said...

I've been doing this for 32 years and it is crazy and overwhelming. I made a calendar and was pretty organized when my children were younger and at home. Now as an "empty nester" it just seems easier to just go out. I would love to see your plan - when you're ready to share it. And like Marilyn, your recipes. I feel inspired by you - again.

J-mama said...

Go Angie! I love having a menu laid out, then I don't have to decide what is for dinner every night! Everyone in the family gets one night to choose what is for dinner on the menu, and Fridays are for trying new recipes.

heather said...

I'm terrible when it comes to menu planning & execution. I've tried & tried, and still (kind of) working on it.

When I was first pregnant though, Hubby started taking over the making dinner thing -and I happily let him. Now it's almost more like a habit. A lot of nights -and every time I want chicken- he makes the meal.

I can't eat chicken that I've seen raw. Don't know why. Its some kind of mental block.

Anyway, all this to say YOU ROCK!!!

The Parkers said...

ooo i am totally interested when you get all the tweaks out...we just starte doing weekly meals and love that i know what we are having each night! I'd love more ideas so when you get it all worked out please share :)

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

when Jess and I first got married, I was SOOO good with this. i made fun, interesting, new, exciting meals every night. now...we're lucky if i make dinner at all. i've been thinking about working on this too. can i please have that pasta recipe?? it looks so delish!!!

Heather said...

I love that you're doing it PP style! That's a great idea for me to also use as goal since I'm in a presidency. I'm good at making the calender & even purchasing most items but not good at actually cooking them. Thanks for a reminder that it is much more rewarding!

BTW You are never at SBE. I cross my fingers every time I go in (which is weekly) I'll get to see your shining face... never with any luck! I'll be at the late niter Sat.- maybe I'll see ya!

The Wizzle said...

Cooking, and eating at home, really is better all around. It requires a lot of mental preparation for me to do it cheerfully, but I always feel better when I do. Good for you!

Sassy said...

I am so impressed my friend.....keep your recipes just bring me all of those leftovers...hahahahaha

MeL said...

Okay, I seriously look forward to the day that I too come to this realization. Right now, I hate it. But I'm trying to do it more, which makes me a bit cranky some nights. Would you be willing to share recipes? And how do you know how to buy and make pot roast? Do you just go to the deli and say, "One pot roast please"? I'm clueless.