ants on a log

4 weeks ago today...
i said goodbye to
my soda habit &
excessive junk food habit.

and i said hello to
cooking at home,
working out,
and healthy snacks.
*such as,
this favorite:
ants on a log.

it's a whole new life.
and i feel empowered and happy.


Sassy said...

I am proud of you and wish in the worst way you would rub off on me.... You keep up the good work!

granny said...

go go go go go go go go go go go go

reddladybug said...

you go, girl!

The Wizzle said...

Ants on a log are so cute! Too bad I hate celery with an undying passion. Maybe my kids would like it though.

4 weeks! You go, go, go, girl!

Bev said...

Go girl!! You rock....such a good example to all of us!!!

I just can't give up the diet dp thing...don't want to, ain't gonna, no way, can't, won't, nope, heck no.....what ev!

cheryl said...

I have been so very impressed with all of your healthy snacks! I need to write down all of your ideas cuz today while I was eating my boring string cheese & apples I was thinking about your spinach & strawberry salad that you made for a snack the other day & I was thinking how awesome & motivated you are & I need to be more like you!

runningfan said...

Way to go, Ang!

heather said...

Ants on a log = one of my very favorites.

Also... a snack I just discovered, banana slices dipped in all natural peanut butter, with some popcorn. I love it... but Hubby thought it was weird so maybe it's just a pregnancy thing.

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

you amaze me!

Unknown said...

Good job, that is so awesome!!! I am inching toward that same goal ha ha I was the little kid in preschool who would eat everything out of the celery and leave the celery for the trash.... who am I kidding I am still that girl. I do like other veggies though ;) Keep it up, you are great!