best book i've ever read

my cute sister recently {well...yesterday} inspired me
to join her in re-reading the book of mormon this summer.

i've been haphazardly skipping around in my studies recently,
and i thought it'd be fun {and beneficial}
to read it cover to cover-straight through-style, again.

my friend deneigh had this {adorable} chart linked on her blog awhile back,
so i printed 'er up & i'm ready to start consecutive reading!

i love the book of mormon.
i've taken this challenge, and i know that it is true.

it answers questions & provides endless uplift & strength.
it *often* speaks peace to my troubled thoughts & brings clarity to any angie-storm.

bottom line: it brings me happiness.

my desire is to share it.

NOT in a holier-than-thou way.

*just in a this-book-changed-my-life-and-i-love-you,
so-i'm-inviting-you-to-read-it-with-me kinda way.

if you haven't read it, or don't have one-
{and are interested}
totally email me: angieinpink@gmail.com

i'll send ya one! free of charge....with all my favorite scrips marked.
[in pink, of course!]

we could read along together,
with our cute charts & sincere hearts.


The Garner Family said...

That chart is awesome! I am printing one up and am going to start using it. I think having a visual of my progress will help so much!

The Garner Family said...
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Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

you are too cute for words. and i LOVE that chart! I'm gonna have to print me up one and take the challenge...but right now i'm reading the new testament. : almost done though!

Bev said...

My printer at home isn't working, but as soon as I get to work tomorrow I'm printing me up on of those. Thanks for sharing this!! i think you've started something!

granny said...

As usual, your post was inspiring.

Marisa and Rob said...

I just printed some up and I can't wait to start reading agian!!! I've had a rough couple of weeks and when I saw this I knew exactly what I needed to do!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! :o)

Sassy said...

Okay......my goodness! Heavenly Father has to be so so so PROUD AND PLAESED as punch with you.....you're the BEST! I LOVE THAT CHART! so dang cute!!!! I believe it to be true too and my life was so much better and more organized when I was spending quality time reading.......you spark something everytime you post my dear........LOVE YOU!

Natalie said...

urrrm i love that!

our ward gets challenged to read it in 30 days every summer. it's a challenge, that's for sure. i'm 3 days behind..aka a good 60 pages. hahaah. FAIL!