cupcakes for my cupcakes

chloe lovey loves loves to bake.
hmmmm....wonder why???

*she has a mom who believes in licking the beaters, that's why.

post-dinner, pre-bed...
we whipped up some chocolate on chocolate goodness.

chlo' was thrilled to sport her new apron from kelli {tube top style}
and use the new measuring cups she gifted her too!
*kelli's the sweetest to my chloe!

i wasn't really planning on liv joining in the fun,
but when i left the room for a sec,
chlo' took it upon herself to scoop a big helping of yummy
onto a wooden spoon & invited little livs to lick away.
*needless to say: she obliged.

they smell delectable.

so, we are sending the remaining off to work with daddy
so they will stop tempting me.


Bev said...

The best part of baking is the licking....and your kids look like PROS!!

The Wizzle said...

Apron = TDF. Also noteworthy are Livvy's torso rolls. AWESOME. I always have to give away most of my baked goods too!

granny said...

You are such a nice mom.

Sassy said...

OOhhhh those look so yummy! And...licking the bowl and the beaters is ALWAYS the best!!! You are a great Mom and I love your chocolate dipped kiddo's!

runningfan said...

When Zach and Tyler were little we made cookies at a friend's house and she kept scolding them for eating the dough. What a scandal! They were just following Mommy's instructions.... :)

Mitchellaneous said...

The best moms believe in licking the beaters, spoons, and bowls. This post brought back memories of my childhood!

Laura Blue said...