i was {trying} to blog a short post everyday in june.
*just for fun.

but i missed a couple days over the weekend.

*'cause who else woulda administered a million doses of pain killers/antibiotics & worried non-stop about my upcoming relief society lesson...if i was busy blogging?

aw, well.

in other news:
my house is relatively messy &
i've spent the day {so far} scrapbooking randomly,
playing with a recovering livy &
hangin' with a ragamuffin chloe *who is wearing nothing more than a ponytail & undies.

i've cut open 2 otter pops,
read 3 stories,
changed 4 diapers,
& cried to sufjan steven's version of "come thou fount".

the only thing that could
make this day better
is carbs.


Unknown said...

if you were a chicklet, my hens would just love you but, I bet they do anyway!
Your cute any which way you are!

Bev said...

You crack me up......so wasn't expecting that "carb" comment!! Hey, I wanna run around in ponytails and undies........it's gotta be cooler!!

cori said...

2 things.

you are a hottie.

come thou fount is my FAVORITE all time song. and i need to hear that. tell me how.

and i love you.

so 3 things.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

what album is the Sufjan Stevens Come Thou Fount on?? I'm looking on Zune Marketplace... nm... just found it on Christmas singalong, but it's not available for me to get. bummer.

Coree Adams said...

Angie...you look so hot! Can you lose weight for me? You are better at it than I am!

runningfan said...

so glad it was a happy day!

The Wizzle said...

Ang, you looks SO GOOD! Seriously. I love Sufjan, I love Come Thou Fount, and yet somehow I am not acquainted with the meeting of the two. This will be remedied shortly.

S and B H. said...

You look great!!!

Marilyn said...

Ah-the uniform of the summer for the babes-nothing but underpants & a diaper. Brings back memories.

Lori said...

Wish I were in your Ward so I could be one of the lucky ones to hear those great Relief Society lessons . . . oh and to have an Otter Pop right now would be a touch of Heaven too. A red one so I could pretend it's lipstick on my lips.

rachbechep said...

dear angie,

can you please try and post a short post every day of every month? :)


love, rachel

granny said...

You are so good!

Sassy said...

WOULD YOU JUST LOOK AT THE SKINNY PERSON IN THAT PICTURE!!!! Dang Gina...you look bomb diggity! WAY TO GO..............♥