the party of the year!

our memorial day weekend
was spent in benson, arizona:
celebrating 70 years of myron's grandpa overson.

it was the party of the year.
the family showed up one by one to surprise him.

there was delicious food, carrot cake,
visiting, toys and playing, stories & catching up.

*and myron brought a trunk full of guns
for the traditional shooting outing.

we love our trips to benson.
we love our family there.

on sunday night,
myron & i took chloe out to see the sky full of stars.
{my favorite}
and chloe said,
"aw, i could just live here."


happy birthday to grandpa!
we love you!


Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

I didn't look up often enough to see all the stars while we were in Colorado!

Sassy said...

What a wonderful thing to do for Grandpa Overson......when I turn that age I hope my loved ones will do that for me too....I will bet that meant the world to him! Stars in those places where you don't have all the city lights are the BEST!!!! Just gorgeous I think!