"let each day be your masterpiece."



Vicki Johnson said...

You do my dear, one day at a time.
Someday you will see it.

I wrote you a love letter, find it here..

Sassy said...

I love watching the kiddo's paint and to see what they see......I always love their explanation of their picture....

Nothing showed up on the bottom of your post....at least when I opened it up.......=0}

Lori said...

Well I'm pretty tired from working all day, but I think I'll go into the kitchen and "create" a big bowl of sherbet! With mini marshmallows sprinkled on top!

katie said...

i seriously looove the photos you post like these ones! i just bought paisley some watercolors. now i just have to work up the guts to let her actually use them... [our new house literally has carpet in every room, except the kitchen...and the kitchen is too small to fit a chair for her to sit in to water color.]