want my crap?

i've been doing some summer de-junking
and i {finally} unpacked the garage from moving *in january*
so...i have some randoms to get rid of.

since it's hades outside,
i'm having a little mini ONLINE garage sale.

email me if you want to purchase & pick up! :)

accepted forms of payment: cash, cash, or cash. :)
{or i have a paypal account too...}

item #1: SOLD!
item #1: $60
1960-ish "vintage" wood kitchen table & 2 chairs
{does calling it vintage make it sound cooler?}
*cutest little table...and would be even cuter if it was painted an adorable color. that was my plan for it. but i am lazy. it can be big or you can take the leafs/leaves...[which is it?] out & make it the most darling little circle table.
i'm not gonna lie....the chairs could use some additional padding. they are hard.

item #2: SOLD!
item #2: $30
5ftx7ft decorative rug
*i paid a lot for this hog, so trust me: this is a great price. fun colors to brighten up a room. in pretty good shape...regular wear&tear. it's recently been professionally cleaned & has regularly it's whole life

item #3: SOLD!
item #3: $20
nike running shoes that are apparently too big for me.
i realized this after 1 run, hence no return. haven't been used since.
paid a lot more than 20 for them. *i don't want to talk about it. :)
black w/ pale pink-it's hard to tell.

item #4: $25
my bedding. {i got a new print for my b-day! yay!}
king sized plaid searsucker bed-in-a-bag from target.
includes: comforter, 2 shams, sheet set, and matching green bedskirt.
freshly laundered in yummy tide goodness.
*only used for 6 months.
{i'm a.d.d. like that.}
ps: how do you fold a fitted sheet? anyone know? martha?

item #5: $30
this random tv.
um, & it works.... & hmmm...what else do you need to know?

item #6: SOLD!
item #6: $5
2 cute red shag rugs.
{sorta a maroony red}
21inx32in style.
freshly laundered & hung to dry.

item #7: SOLD!
item #7: $5
heart photo hanger.
just because it's cute & i don't have a use for it.

item #8: SOLD!
item #8: $10
children's costco carseat.
cheaper than walmart.
freshly cleaned.
*the fabric's kinda torn on the side, but it'll do in a pinch.

k, that's all.
email me if you want my crap!
{you probably don't...}
but ya never know!

1 comment:

Lori said...

Shoot the rug & the shoes are gone . . . when you snooze you loose. What a great idea to do this online instead of having to suffer outside waiting for someone silly to drive by. Hope you are able to sell it all!