a gift for my china girl

after reading this post
about chloe being OBSESSED with china...

my dear, sweet {and beautiful} friend CICELY
purchased chloe this adorable oriental dress.

it arrived in the mail today
and chlo' was instantly IN LOVE!

her reaction:

"oh my gosh mommy! it has china words on it!"
"ooooo...i love it!"
"i can wear it when i visit the pandas & make origami!"
"it is so fancy, i can do my dance moobs {moves} in china!"

*dr. cobb, you can sleep well knowing that you made a little curly-headed girl very, very happy today.
thank you {so} much for your thoughtful gift!

*we'll go get some chopsticks for her hair asap! :)


granny said...

What sweet friends you have!

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

she is so unbelievably gorgeous.

oh my gosh.

i mean, take a look at that last pic. all of them, really. but that last one...

she's stunning.

Marilyn said...

LOVE the poses. BTW-I saw your mom in Frys! And your sweet sis Holly is good friends with my girlie- And I quote Alyssa, "Holly is just about the nicest girl I've ever met." (so's her sis!) Kudos to your mom for raising nice girls!

The Wizzle said...

How sweet! That's a special treat for sure.

Yadirapocketfullofhopes said...

Too cute, and how thoughtful of Cicely :) you cant tell Chloe is on cloud nine :)

Bev said...

Lucky you.....sweet friends and a very sweet Chloe! Can't wait to hear about many other "Chinese" adventures!!

Cassandra Kiss said...

That is adorable!
: )

mademoisellechitchat said...

Dear Ang:

Thank you for such the SWEET blog entry about the gift! OH, it did my heart so GOOD to put a huge :) on Chloe's face!!!

Tell my girl to ROCK that dress!

Now, make a scrapbook layout, please!

Love ya!

rachbechep said...

cutest thing ever. i love her hair too!

The Roberts Family said...

cicely is the best!!!! i love her!!!

Coree Adams said...

That is so adorable!

runningfan said...

What a fabulous friend!