i don't wanna grow up

i'm sitting here looking at my schedule for the week.
i have a lot going on & a whole lot to get done.

not gonna lie: kinda wishing i was 1 right now.
ya know: the good ol' days:

-when chilling in a onesie all day was socially acceptable.
-when your mom would prepare your meals & cut them into convenient bite-sized tiny pieces.
-when guilt-free 3-hour naps were encouraged, welcomed & praised.
-when you got tired of walking, all you had to do was scream & someone would carry you.
-when back fat was cute.
-when the day ended being kissed on the forehead & rocked to sleep whilst being serenaded by lullabies.

that was the life, dude.
sometimes i really wonder if i appreciated the awesome-ness of it while it lasted.
do you think i did?

i think livy does.
and watching her {and her sister} enjoy childhood makes me love where i'm at too.

i guess being 27 isn't so bad afterall.


runningfan said...

Good perspective. Now, back to mopping my horrifying floor...

granny said...

I'm pretty sure you loved being 1. And thank you for appreciating having your food cut into bite sized pieces...sorry it was probably peanut butter sandwiches. Hahahahaha. Love being 27...pretty soon you will be 57. (and it is pretty awesome as well.)

Bev said...

Yep, I wanna be 1!!! This 60 stuff is for the birds.....yeah...I'd settle for 27 too! I need to come see you.....I need a little dose of cute and you're just the girl! I wanna take your scrapbook class too!! Not gonna lie...Marla and I are thinkin' about it!

Mitchellaneous said...

Yeah, I wish back fat was cute too. Also? When babies have fat legs with rolls on them everyone squeezes them and says they're so cute. My legs? Not so much. Boo.