just call him farmer myron

the house we are currently living in has the most charming raised bed to plant a garden.

i have big dreams for a fall planting/harvest, but that wasn't early enough for myron.

he went out & purchased some seeds...and haphazardly sprinkled them generously over the patches of dirt that weren't weed-city. {this kinda made my ocd-heart shudder but, i went with it.}

he's faithfully watered before & after work. [and that's it.]

and what do you know?

among the weed infested soil:
it's growing!


runningfan said...

Go myron!

Marie said...

I'm convinced that some people just have a magic touch. (And I'm not one of them.) Yay for the Dunns growing bit of earth!

The Wizzle said...

Is it really that easy?! I think I am building it up in my mind WAY more than I need to. Looks great!

granny said...

Myomyron! You Dunn a good job!

Lori said...

I tried my hand at gardening and I guess because I'm a little OCD and a major worrier that probably didn't enjoy the experience as much as I should have. I have nothing in the box right now because of the heat, but I am planning on my Fall garden and I can't wait to start to planting towards the middle of the month. What are you going to plant?