-currently taking a ten minute break from work to blog.
-up to my ears in mickey ears {class on friday}.

-watched miss universe whilst treadmilling this morning.

-realized that when i floss, i without fail/subconsciously think of the movie turner & hooch.

-which means: every day, i think about tom hanks/turner & hooch. weird.

-need to remember to stock up on powerade for myron again @ frys. [on sale]
-anxiously awaiting 6-ish-o-clock when me & the girls will head to sky harbor {!}
-going crazy with livy's new climbing/destroying skills.

-feeling large {what's new?}

teared up on southern/greenfield today because i saw my girls in the rear view mirror & i love them so much
-sporting new clearance-sandals from target

-been asked, "how do you spell {fill in the blank}?" 348 times today. [like i know!]

-dreaming of saturday {family date night}

-wondering who's on jimmy this evening 'cause it's gonna be a LONG night.


Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

i love your posts. they brighten my day :)

and i think you are like the cutest and funnest mom ever. i can just tell. your girls are lucky.

runningfan said...

Hey, busy girl!! It sounds like life is good, if a little crazy, right now.

I loved this post so much I might copy you....

The Wizzle said...

Oh, so Heidi got it from you! I am stealing this too. Enjoy your long, busy night!

mademoisellechitchat said...

Congrats on your brother's return to the United States!

The girls look so pretty and summery! The baby is thinning out and starting to look like a lil' girl. So cute!

Mitchellaneous said...

You rock. Cutest pic ever on this post. So happy for you and your family that Elder Dixon rolled back into the PHX last night! Must have been awesome to see him!