clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere

last week a miracle occurred at the dunn household.

our entire house was clean, all at the same time. [insert shock & awe here.]

bathrooms were scrubbed, barbies & barbie accessories were picked up, vacuuming...everything.

*and yes, i took pictures.

i needed proof. {it was THAT miraculous.}

*and, it felt totally amazing for the nineteen minutes it lasted.

and now we're resuming the regularly scheduled program:
sippy cups in the sink, livy carnage galore [we NEED childproof locks], couch cushions paraded throughout the house, and a mysterious sticky substance on the laminate floor {dr. pepper perhaps?}.

i really don't mind cleaning...like, i like it. i really do!

i try to find a happy medium between perfection & chaos, haha....but {most always} end up at the latter.

a very cranky liv just went down for a [much needed] nap...so i'm going to try {really hard} to recreate last week's phenomenon.

me and pandora + windex, murray's wood cleaner, magic eraser, pin sol, clorox, and comet will be busy for, ahem, {a while}.

and then i'm going to shower & go see if this book is at the library {i've heard it's fabulous}. *i'll do a book report after i read it.

'cause i just [know] there's a better way to maintain a clean-ish house with kids in the mix.
*i just know it.


Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

yay! a clean house is the best.

i don't even have older kids yet. just a 3 week old baby and my house is already so much more messy/cluttered. bottles take over the sink. diapers and wipe packs are scattered in places we might need them. a pack n' play is taking over my room.

it's so worth it. :)

granny said...

Nineteen minutes? I'd say that was pretty good!

The Wizzle said...

Ha, I have a post sort of like this rattling around in my head...

...but I'm so surrounded by the MESS that I don't have the heart to write it! :)

It's so awesome and inspiring to have a clean house. But with young kids, it seems to be not only difficult, but downright impossible.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Re the book - do you go to the County library on Greenfield/Guad? I checked and there are 9 holds on the one copy they have - you can place a hold online with your library card and they will call/email you to tell you when it is your turn to get it.

J*a~{s}n°a said...

i hate cleaning but since mess depresses me I make myself...and if you knew my kids you would know my life consists of nothing but work, cleaning and homeworks. I WANT THAT BOOK!

Bev said...

Home sweet CLEAN home!

Durfee Family said...


I have that book and you are most welcome to borrow it. I live VERY close to the scrapbook store we know and love. Just let me know. I can drop it off there are give you my address!

I (heart) flylady. I use to follow her program...now I just use the things that are working for me! LOVE her calendar. Order one every year!

Diane Durfee

Durfee Family said...

durfee7@yahoo.com (Sorry, I forgot to leave a way to contact me!)