we {had} plans to walk to the park this morning,
but liv is feverish with a fang [left canine-ish tooth] on the way.

so, while sweet, miserable liv took a much-needed morning snooze,
chloe & i hunted the craft nook {in the laundry room} for a project.

he turned out pretty cute considering our limited resources.
*she named him sammy the spider dunn.

and then....
we may have or may have not wrapped chlo'
{and several of her stuffed animals}
in white streamers *thus resembling mummies*
& played musical chairs to a choice thriller/monster-mash medley.

serious good times.
maybe i do like halloween after all?


granny said...

Love Sammy Dunn. Good work, girls. You are a fun mom. Fo sho.

manders said...

you're freaking cute.

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

what a cute idea. spontaneous. love it.

rachbechep said...

love.love.love. this. next time, call me, k? :)

Jamie said...

You are such a fun Mom! ♥ Chloe as a mummy!!!

Bev said...

I wanna live at your house and do the "monster mash" with you guys!!