the perfect rainy day

kitting 75+ kits over fresh-from-the-mailbox netflix.
listening to the storm outside.
sliding door wide open.
babies running through the rain in the backyard.
LOVE this weather!

{a big [thanks for coming!] to all my photo frenzy ladies!}


Bev said...

We're going to sign up for one of your classes one of these days. Can we do that??? I love all you work and I wanna be just like you!!

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

so i think i'm going to do the december class! seriously.

and that day sounds AMAZING. love it!

Kim said...

Thanks again Angie...love all the pages! YOU ROCK!!!

granny said...

Wasn't the rain exciting? And kind of terrifying? Haha, glad your girls had fun in it.