simple truths

i am grateful for my physical body.

nearly {everyday} i complain about my eternal chubbiness, fine/flat hair & awkward tween-esqe complexion, but ya know-

i really am. [totally] thankful to my heavenly father for
blessing me with a functioning, healthy, strong, able body.

my ability to move, stand, sit up, walk, talk, see, hear, have babies, run, jump, scissor-kick {etc.}
is something i often take for granted because i'm too hung up on the superficial stuff.

i'm also grateful for the knowledge that i have- that god created me. [and you!]
*in his likeness & image.

that i'm here on this earth to accomplish something great.
{we all are.}

...and that inside our bodies are spirits w/ divine potential.
every one of us is a unique & amazing child of god.

life doesn't end here. [thank goodness!]
there's a great plan of happiness.

i'm so grateful.


Tanya Leigh said...

You are BEAUTIFUL! {in and out} and it SHINES through when you share the simple truths in your beautiful Angie-way. :)

Thanks for the reminders!

Cicily said...

I'm a blog stalker and to be honest I don't remember how I even found your blog :) I love the shirt, and I want to know where you got it. I also think you are ADORABLE!! I love your hair, love your style, and your skin looks amazing to me!

Kate said...

I would like a copy of your shirt in this photo. So So SO cute.

rachbechep said...

you are gorgeous. have i ever told you that?!

and thank you {so much} for that message. :)

angiedunn said...

thanks for the [holy cow] sweetest comments guys!! *and cicily: nice to e-meet ya!! :)

i got my shirt at tj max. :)

•stephanie• said...

your teeth are perfect!
( . . . and the rest of you is great, too! . . . )

granny said...

Thanks for that....

runningfan said...

I'm thankful for your body, too! So glad I have an inspiring sister!

KP said...

you look really really really really times infinity pretty in those pictures.
oh and i love the shirt you're wearing. adorable.

reddladybug said...

cute, cute pix! seriously.

reddladybug said...
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Kristen said...

Can I just say, I love that "scissor kick" made the list.

mademoisellechitchat said...

AWESOME pics, Angie!!!!!

RE: skin care, seriously, I swear by Cetaphil facial soap. I don't even drink water, and it keeps my skin decent. Try it! You can even use the generic version of it.

Unknown said...