i am thankful for amazing products that smell delightful & enrich my life via my five senses.

my children might not have money to go to college because i splurge on the above two items,

but that's a small price to pay for lemony-fresh sinks & surfaces, dontchya think?
{*bumble&bumble, you had me @ hello.}

i am thankful for clothing to wear. there is a portion of my heart that is dedicated to & literally beats for the folks at jcpenny-for manufacturing me a pair of jeans that actually fit my body of odd proportions.

i am grateful that though my wardrobe is much less fabulous than my imagination & wish-list....i have something to wear. i know there are many people in this world that aren't as lucky. so, me & my $21 dollar jeans from pennys are super-duper thankful.

i am thankful for ceiling fans and air conditioning.

i am a very warm blooded, insulated individual. these modern conveniences mean so much to me & the very dominant sweat genes i posses.

i am grateful to be a stay at home mom. there is honestly nothing i'd rather be doing. this is {one} of my blessings that i don't take for granted. i know how blessed i am. and i thank the lord everyday i have with my sweet babies.

i am thankful for food. as much as it completely stresses me out, let's get real-i am abundantly blessed to have it. and so many options! i'm particularly thankful for crystal light ...the substance that weans me off of pepsi approximately every six months when i decide to quit soda again.

i am grateful for chocolate & two functioning vehicles.
{in that order}

i am grateful for bills....because they mean i have a roof over my head, water to shower, power to use, health insurance, a car to use, and 2 special homeowners associations that teach me temperance & patience.

i'm grateful for my pink chair and all memories made whilst rocking upon it.

i am grateful for the beauty of the outdoors. i find that my heavenly father speaks to my soul most when i'm outside playing or walking or running. or sitting.

i'm also grateful for winter grass. and sprinklers. and the lawnmower we just acquired off craigslist for ridiculously cheap.

i am thankful for messes. fingerprints. laundry. and all other evidences of the little children in my life.

*confession: maybe i don't always {act} like i am.

but i know i'll miss it someday.

i am so thankful for the scriptures. and their guiding force in my life. i know that the book of mormon is an inspired, true book. i love it & want to share it always.

i am also thankful for wise, amazing people who write stuff and teach me crap. i love all things self-help. i love searching for nuggets of truth, inspiring quotes & coping mechanisms to enrich my existence.

learning brings me perspective & helps me change into the person i'm striving to become.

i'm grateful for the opportunity.


The Wizzle said...

We have, like, 4 bottles of that Bumble & Bumble styling creme in our house right now. It is heavenly.

rachbechep said...

you know what ang?! i'm thankful for YOU. thanks for this post. it was awesome.

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Don't EVEN get me started on Bumble and Bumble styling creme. I've used it for like 10 years and will go without food/gas/anything to have it.

heather said...

I too am grateful for my $21 Penny's jeans! And just about everything else you mentioned. Plus you. I always love reading what you have to write.

runningfan said...

You're the best! Great post!

Bev said...

I am thankful that you take the time to bless my life often with your cute little blog! I have learned so much from your sweet, youthful example!! You ROCK....seriously!!

Staci said...

thank YOU for writing this post and reminding us to all be a little more thankful!

Sassy said...

I am thankful for you and your influence in my life......you always make me smile inside and out and you put in words what I would love to say...and don't! THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!