and we dwelt in a tent

yesterday myron watched the girls for an hour or so while i ran an errand.

i came home to a giant tent in my living room.

of course i did, because he's adorable & fun like that.

so, me & chlo' camped out last night

...and this morning we ate our breakfast while watching sesame together {on the tv that is 5 inches in front of the tent}.

it was so fun & happy.

*i think we'll keep it up for the weekend.


mademoisellechitchat said...


rachbechep said...

cuuuuute! :)

onehm said...

FUN Daddy!!
IKEA has a kids size tent for around $12. It's DARLING! Gigantor couldn't get enough of it. :)

joeyship said...


granny said...

What a fun mom and dad!

runningfan said...

That totally rocks. You just gave me a fun idea for Christmas break!

Bev said...

I wanna live at your house and sleep in a tent!!
And......I want you to by my MOM!