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today i was chatting with some of my favorite girlfriends about blogging & facebook.

and i think we all agreed...there are some pros & a lot of definite cons to the whole social media world.

as a regular writer @ blogspot.com & recently returned visitor to facebook.com,
here is the conclusion i have come to {for me}:

facebook can be a tool of uplift, connection & convenience.
it can also be a huge waste of time, annoying & encourage hermit-like behavior.

blogging can be an amazing source of therapy, creativity, friendship making & record keeping.
it can also be a huge waste of time, overwhelming & encourage less-than constructive thoughts.

[for me at least]

i guess it's up to each of us to decide what kinda balance to strike with it all.
'cause if it's not a positive force in our lives, why participate, right?

i'm continually re-analyzing that balance- making sure it's still enriching & worthwhile.
'cause once it becomes a negative thing, it's time to say goodbye.

for now,
i'm trying to just enjoy my friends & family on facebook, especially those that i rarely get to see in real life-without caring too much about the opinions & random discussions that go on. take the good & leave the bad, style.

and i blog because i love to blog. i love sharing my stories & recording my days. i certainly don't ever expect people to read or comment, but i'm grateful for friends i know, and friends i don't know- who stop by. i have had a handful of really special experiences & met many amazing friends because of this little blogging hobby/outlet. i just do it because it is where i meet my muse. i feel like it's good for my soul to sort out my thoughts & express myself in such an unrestricted manner.

so ya,
in case you wanted to hear my over-analyzed opinion on the matter:
there it is.

in conclusion,
it's not for everyone.

but it's for me, i guess.
for now.


Brittany Marie Trevino said...

i agree with all of the above--the pros and cons of blogs and facebook..and totally see them..but like you, bloggin is still for me :)

Laura Blue said...


Sassy said...

I SO AGREE with the pros and cons.............blogging is my favorite but have found it overwhelming these last three months not knowing how to truly write my feelings about the struggles of real life...so I have found it easier to make a little silly commentS on Facebook just to stay in touch with those I care about but totally LOVE blogging MORE!

Jenny Johnson said...

I for one am grateful for your blog. Your uplifting and as real as they come. I adore you and all that you encompass!!

Bev said...

I ♥ your blog and ♥ that you're back on FB, but I agree.....both can be a burden sometimes. I was so sad when you left FB and don't ever leave the blogging world because you are what keeps me going some days. I think you are inspiring to more than you will ever know!! You ROCK!!

The Roberts Family said...

i hear ya !!! im not as good as you with the blog thing . .. but your really the only one that ever commets on my blog :) so i guess i just blog for you ang lol

The Wizzle said...

I think that if you wear that crown on your desk while you blog, any negative thoughts you may have are sure to fly right out the window! Who could be sad with a crown?!

granny said...

I love that you blog. And I'm glad it is working for you, because I'd miss it. A lot.

onehm said...

LOVE your thoughts here.
And I am now very sure that we are kindred spirits, when I saw the Pepsi can next to your computer...
:) <3

anniebobannie said...

I am glad you blog!