i believe

my babies are in bed.
{all three of them.}

christmas was so sweet this year.
my heart is hardcore warmed.

here is a play-by-play/the highlights:

*finishing my scrapbook work christmas eve morning & dancing a celebratory holiday jig in the kitchen with the girls
*fun, happy, generous delieveries and visits throughout the day
*baking gingerbread man cookies for santa with my very, very, very excited sidekick
*a sweet evening at the fretz home with people we love, amazing food, and generous gifts.

*oliva barfing all over creation at 2am.
*waking up at 5:30am with the fam to find that santa had come & rudolph/his crew had eaten all their carrots & cookies.
*pure magic, amazing, sparkle, joy & excitement. LOVED watching the babes open their simple treasures.

*chloe singing, "it's a pillow! it's a pet! it's a pillowpet!" {pillowpet theme song} upon discovering that santa had left her number one request!
*livy's squealing & delight = priceless.
*taking daddy to work @ 7. ):
*driving to the dixon's & seeing the street lined with their traditional luminaries....and chloe asking, "what are all these lunches for?"

*fun times at granny & gramps...laughing & playing, exchanging gifts & yummy breakfast.

*picking daddy up from work (:
*dinner & toy story 3 party!

*kisses, hugs, sippies of milk, nyquil for a fever-ish myron & sweet tuck-ins.

i have definitely felt the spirit of christ today.

i am so grateful for my savior.

basically, my feelings have already been summed up here.

it's my goal to have his encouraging, forgiving spirit fill my life everyday in 2011.

good night & god bless, friends!


The Wizzle said...

I am going to be laughing about that "lunches" comment for DAYS. Hilarious!

granny said...

Glad you had a blessed day.

Jenny Johnson said...

Merry Christmas!

Holly said...

hi. love this. love you.