the {not so} terrible twos

liv is at that frustrating/awesome pre-2 stage where
she knows {exactly} what you're saying,
& wants {with all her little adorable heart} to communicate...
but is [still] slowly learnin' to talk.

so instead of saying,
"please can i have turn," or "mom, i'm hungry"
she body slams/head butts you into submission...
and/or eye jabs, pulls on your earrings-
or [her favorite] throws things at your face/head/expensive items.

this kind of behavior is, well, annoying at best.

but, really....
can you stay annoyed @ that face?
it's basically impossible.

she's too lovable.
and super hilarious/entertaining.
and the sweetest sweet...just like heaven-style.

oh, i love her so much.

terrible twos?...nah.
i'll savor these days because i know they are numbered.


granny said...

I love two year olds. Head butting notwithstanding.

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

haha..she's cute with her little toddler teeth and i love her leopard pants!..and you are right..they are only little kids once..awhh what loveliness it must be to be a mum :)

Kaytie Brown said...

Oh Liv... come play with Brennan. It would be perfect.

Bev said...

I'll take her anytime.....love her!

joeyship said...

So, SO cute!!!

manders said...

getting slapped in the face is my personal fave. every now and then, i have to whisper to myself, "i will not punch my child, i will not punch my child". it works. but, you are right...how long are they two? not very long. and those naughty moments are by far outnumbered by the awesome/hilarious ones! keep it up, girlfriend!

rachbechep said...

way to have a happy attitude! :)

Leslie said...

Oh how I wish that I had had your attitude when my babies were young. I never thought it would end. The days are numbered, and I'm so happy for you that you realize it now while you can appreciate it for what it is. You rock.

The Roberts Family said...

she is the sweetest little thing alive :)