rollin' with the homies

i'm not going to lie-i've been feelin' a little ghetto lately.

you know those days, when all the little messes & random broken things & unfinished projects- just all add up at the same time....and you're like,

dude! for the love of all that is classy- can a frumpy mother of two just catch a freakin' break?

*or is it just me that has those?

i really do love my life.
i love that my main job is mommy, party of two.
i love that i can sport an asu shirt w/ a bleach stain & athletic shorts all day.
i love that i am [9 times out of 10] barefoot & bedheaded when i drop off chloe @ preschool.
i love that i have time to do projects & daydream & play ponies & read stories.
i love that i have a down to earth husband who's understanding & loving.
i love that even though i don't shower until 4pm sometimes...i lead a busy, fulfilled existence.
i love that i don't need {or even want, really} fancy things.
i love that "cozy" and "loved" and "simple" are words i could easily use to describe my happy home.

i don't, however, love:
*the cancer-like weed patches in my front suppose-to-be flower bed.
*my car that needs to be featured on it's own episode of hoarders.
*stepping on myron's work belt everyday & {almost}/maybe cussing.
*my total resistance to routine & lack of order to prove it.
*the embarrassment i feel by my inability to keep my housework maintained regularly.
*the buttons that stick on my laptop, mostly likely from food particles. {told ya: classy!}
*the fact that we are out of trash bags & bread & paper towels all at the same time.
*the infamous goldfish cracker stuck to my heal from walking across the wood floor.

so much of my life is completely, 100% awesome....and you know-i'm grateful.

...but i really think it's due-time to "class it up" a bit.

i need a ghettorvention.


Beth Curtis said...

I LOVE this post. I totally hear ya girl. what? I am only ONE woman.

Bev said...

.........can't stop laughing! You so crack me up......I love it and you too!!

granny said...

You are hilarious. Ghettorvention? hahaha

Lisa said...

I currently smell like urine. Not my urine. And I'm not even doing anything about it.

I don't think it's in my genes to be a high class mom.

Always love your posts.

Jamie said...

I hear ya Ang!
Your humor & honesty never cease to amaze me!
♥ you!

anniebobannie said...

Ditto to everything! You are incredible!

Coree Adams said...

I've been needing one of those for a long time. LOL I love every bit of you!

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

lol ang, you are so not frumpy! ...i love the part where you have a goldfish cracker on your heal..i sometimes have stickers (from crafting, stuck to my clothes or skin even) not the same, i know, but yeh i go out to the mail box across the street in my black old lady slippers and a blanket wrapped around me with my outfit that doesnt match and no makeup! haha love ya

Unknown said...

your life minus the children = my life. i'm pretty sure my roommates think i'm really nasty because i wear an old d-backs shirt with bleach stains practically everyday and don't {always} get around to showering! ha ha! i'm totally ok with it though! i'm happy, you're happy & i think that's all that matters! you're adorable {always} and i love you!!

Sassy said...

your life sounds VERY NORMAL to me......and I love that you write it down and you ARE cute when you drop Chloe off at preschool.......I know your heart and that IS what I see......♥

Alison said...

Oh I love that your kids ride bikes in their skivvies!

Kaytie Brown said...

Be my friend forev cause I freaking love you... k?