a few of you asked in comments & emails
for the scriptures that were included in the advent my mom gifted me.

*welp, merry christmas, here they are:

Day 1:

Read John 3:16

Why did Jesus come to earth?

Day 2:

Read Luke 1:26-33

Who told Mary that she would have a baby?

Day 3:

Read Isaiah 7:14 & Matt. 1:23

How did Isaiah know what would happen?

Why is it important that he did?

Day 4:

Read Matthew 1:18-21

Why did Mary and Joseph name the baby Jesus?

Day 5:

Read Luke 1:36

How were Mary and Elizabeth related? Who is older, John the Baptist, or Jesus?

Day 6:

Read Luke 2:1, 3-6

Why did Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem?

(Include coins in the advent box)

Day 7:

Read Micah 5:2

What does this scripture foretell about Bethlehem?

Sing "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem"

Day 8:

Read Luke 2:7

Why did Mary lay baby Jesus in a manger?

(Include manger ornament craft kit.)

Day 9:

Read Luke 2:8-11

Candy canes remind us of the shepherd's crook and the Savior, who is "The Good Shepherd."

(Include mini candy canes.)

Day 10:

Read Luke 2:13-14

Who joined the angel in praising God? Join with the angels and sing "Joy to the World."

Day 11:

Read Luke 2:15-17

Where did the shepherds go after the angels left?

Day 12:

Read Matthew 2:1-2

How did the wise men know that Jesus had been born?

(Include star stickers)

Day 13:

Read Matthew 2:7-10

Where did Herod send the wise men?

Day 14:

Read Matthew 2:11

How did the wise men show that they knew the young child was the Savior?

(Include present shaped chocolates or other tiny gift.)

Day 15:

Read Matt. 2:11 and Matt. 25:40.

Why do we give each other gifts at Christmas?

Here is a small present for you! (Include a small gift like lip balm.)

Day 16:

Read Matt. 2:13-15

Why did Joseph take Mary and Jesus to Egypt?

Day 17:

Read John 1:1-5

Why do you think we decorate with Christmas lights at Christmas?

Day 18:

Read John 8:12

Christ is the light of the world. Christmas candles and lights remind us of His light.

(Include small candles.)

Day 19:

Read Isaiah 9:6

What are some of the names of Christ?

Day 20:

Read Psalms 66:1-2

Christmas bells are rung to make a "joyful noise."

Sing "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day."

(Include bell shaped candy or small bells.)

Day 21:

Read Isaiah 61:1-3

Bows "bind up the broken hearted" and remind us that we are all connected through Jesus Christ. How can we serve someone this Christmas?

(Include little bows.)

Day 22:

Read Isaiah 1:18 & Revelations 3:5.

What does snow have to do with the real meaning of Christmas.

Make a snowflake.

Day 23:

Read Psalms 95:6-7

How do we worship Christ?

Sing "O Come All Ye Faithful"

Day 24:

Read (and act out) Luke 2.

Christmas is almost here. Here is a small gift.

(Include nativity trinket.)

Day 25: Read Job 19:25

Enjoy this special day!


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