"chip off the old block"

chloe took some pictures of her favorite ponies, petshops, stuffed animals & barbies yesterday.

she desperately wanted to get them printed, so she could "make a book of her favorite things!"

we snapfished 6 of her faves to walgreens & picked them up this morning.

i was telling my mom about her grand idea & we had a little laugh...'cause my house is already {so} full of little girlie creations: decorated toilet paper rolls, blankets for babies made out of crayoned-tissue paper & random cardstock/cardboard houses & goodies.

my mom responded, "chip off the old block!"

and then i semi-apologized. because i know i was exactly the same way when i was little. i remember making little people out of old mcdonald's cartons & pillows out of fabric scraps for my barbies. i was always busy "arranging" or creating something kind of, well, obnoxious. haha.

as an adult, i realize how patient my parents were & how much they selflessly encouraged my creativity. i am so grateful for that. i'm so glad they let me be me & explore my talents & use my imagination.

their example inspires me to do the same for my kids.

and when all the artwork & crayons everywhere start to feel like clutter....i take a closer look.

i see the little wheels turning inside their brains & the hilarious, fabulous ideas & amazing potential these girls have to be whoever they chose to become.

kids are incredible.


Bev said...

Awwwww....love this. A little Ang in the making!!

runningfan said...

YOU are incredible!

granny said...

Now THAT made me cry little sweet happy tears.

Bekah: said...

So true! It is such a "choice" to raise creative children. A choice to have a messy vs. clean house a choice to have a model home type vs creatively artist cluttered home filled with drawings, paintings, etc!

Kristi said...

I hear ya. How did my mom ever put up with my crazy ideas like putting a refrigerator box in my room and letting me decorate it with lights and blankets and letting me cut the cardboard to make windows. Mom's are amazing and I only hope I can be as good as mine.

Sassy said...

I love it.......kiddo creations are the BEST......and as a teacher......you can always tell a child who has been allowed to write and use scissors.....it is so sad the children who come to school never having done that and trust me I have seen many....that's why I encourage painting and coloring.....and using scissors.......their little brains are AMAZING and I LOVE seeing what they come up with and their stories behind them...... LOVE IT!!!!

rachbechep said...

i love that she's scrapbooking at such a young age...for real, so fun! remind me when i have kids that i want them to do this...out of their own free will. haha