chloe's faves:
pretending we are a family of chinchillas
curly pesto noodles
netflixed garfield episodes
preschool being back in
"mini mouse hair" {two messy buns by her ears}
writing/drawing in her new primary scripture journal
blaming everything on "growing pains" {???}
"forgetting" to wear socks with her boots

livy's faves:
being extremely destructive everywhere she turns
her ladybug pillowpet
high fives & knuckles
saying "go! go! go!" or "dank due" {thank you}
feeding bananas to mr. miyagi
cuddling & being freaking cute


Brittany Marie Trevino said...

lol omg your girls are so cute and their quirky, girly personalities make me laugh and smile! who is mr. miyagi? your dog?

runningfan said...

Too cute! I might have to copy you on this post! I love the little glimpses.

How does Mr. Miyagi tolerate bananas?

Kendra Black said...

Angie, I love having your little Olivia in nursery. She is so cute!

granny said...

Love those girls. And their mama. {And papa too, for that matter.} I'm so glad to know you are a family of chinchillas...

Kate said...

Are you sure that Chloe isn't my kid? Those are my favorites too... ;) LOL. I love your fam! (And thanks for the cute thank-you note.)

The Wizzle said...

Oh, chincillas?! I'm dying here. Your ids are hilarious!

Heidi stole this, because it's super cute and easy, and I think I might too. Then we can all match. :)

{eleise} said...

ooo what cute girls!!!!