nugs & a sprite + a toy, in a cute box

once in a blue moon,
when i'm feeling [extra] generous & randomly spontaneous,
i'll treat my offspring to lunchtime at "old mcdonald's."

chloe desperately wanted to go play at the playhouse, but livy fell asleep on the way.
{slash, i was secretly soo excited.}

[i may or may not have an irrational fear of retrieving children from the giant pool of plastic balls.]

we drive thru'ed it up, and what do you know?
my little pony toys this week.

they don't call it a happy meal for nothin', dude.


Beth Curtis said...

do blue moons happen at least once a week? If so, me too.

The Wizzle said...

Ha, we were totally at Mickey D's for lunch today and my kids have recently decided that the Happy Meal food makes them "feel gross" and the toys are almost always crap so they opt for yogurt parfaits now - but Eve regretted that decision when she saw the my Little Pony toys!

runningfan said...

duh-duh-duh-duh-duuuuh...i'm lovin' it.

joeyship said...

Glad to hear that you didn't pull up to a Wendy's window and try to order a McDonald's meal (as someone I know did). Glad it was a happy day.

mom of fab five said...

Its not the balls that are so scary (plus they got rid of those years ago) it is the fear of being stuck at the top and not being able to fit down the slide that makes me scared--that and the fact i think i will smell like dirty feet forever after crawling my way through the tubes:) My brother and his fam used to go there on friday night and we would play cards while the kids ran wild. Loved the fact that no ones house got trashed.

granny said...

Chloe told me about the My Little Pony on the way to school today. Bless her heart, she is a gem.

Jenn said...

retrieving them from the giant pool of balls = not fun

retrieving them from the tubes up above because they cannot find their way out = double not fun

smiles on their faces = pure bliss

and p.s. you are an awesome mom!

Unknown said...

LOL the balls, well could I share with you the day I was pregnant with Andrew and got stuck in the slide up top trying to retrieve Meliesa scared to death on the top? LOL Oh my heavens.