sunday schoolers

as it turns out,
my class got switched & i am now teaching the 12-13 year olds in sunday school.

they are the cutest group of kids.
they remind me how grateful i am that jr. high is behind me.
they make me laugh & surprise me with their wisdom.
and, they prefer candy over baked goods for treats, fyi.

i'm excited to be studying the presidents of our church with them this year.

today as an intro in lesson 1, we talked about our purpose here on earth, and the choice we have to follow christ or follow the adversary.

this afternoon, i'm feeling incredibly grateful for & humbled by the knowledge i have, of who i am, why i am here & where i am going.

i am filled with gratitude for the peace and perspective that [such great news] brings to my little individual life.


Beth Curtis said...

are you kidding me with your diagram?! Holy cow sista! You are awesome.

runningfan said...

I totally love your visuals! I found some lame ones online when I taught that lesson a couple of weeks ago. And hey, you're all set for FHE tomorrow! :)

rachbechep said...

hi, i'm rachel and i teach the same class as you. haha.

your visuals are way better. if you EVER want to share, i'll purposely do my lesson a week behind you. :)

granny said...

That visual is great. Hang on to that one! And candy is a lot easier than baking. Score!

Lori said...

Great visual. I wish I was teaching either Primary or Sunday School again (I got fired, I mean released a few years ago - I'm in Scouts now & love it). Teenagers are attentive and be prepared to learn from them - and if all else fails, gum and candy never fails!

Coree Adams said...

Seriously...I think every teacher should have that diagram...you rock my socks off Ang!

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

you are so creative and prepared! love the poster and the bright colors--eye catching! i love your insights angie..can't wait to hang out w/you!


Oh my goodness Angie.... I need this diagram! It's amazing. I have sharing time tomm on the plan of Salvation and I'm pretty sure I could never make something this awesome.


angiedunn said...

Come borrow it! For reals! If you want to call/text me & I can be home for ya! 480-818-1432