girl time

i had a fun friday morning! :)
went to visit my friend brittany for some jamba + girl time.
we just chilled & chatted for a couple-ish hours. so fun & relaxing.

britt & i knew [of] each other in high school...
[we {think} we were in mr. c's photo class together]...
but we reconnected through email a few months ago.

*and i'm so glad we did!!
she's so much fun & we have a lot in common.

love ya girl...you have a ♥ of gold & are beautiful inside + out!


runningfan said...

Can I be next on your list of friends to chill with on a Friday morning? :)

Katelyn said...

thanks for adding my blog and for leaving a note. I have been very ill with the flu as of late and was in need of some cheering up. Thanks dear!

granny said...

Good friends = good times.

mademoisellechitchat said...

Uh, Heidi, I need to be the next person on Angie's list. I need some of her sunshine right now!!!

Sweet photos!