latest obsessions

chloe's newest prize possession=a nintendo DS that was generously given to her
by her aunt madi.
she [loves] it.
she calls it her ipod or her ipad. one time she accidentally called it her "ipeed"
....she & i had a good laugh about that one. :)

livy got a card & some birthday money from her grandma & grandpa dent in the mail this week.
she is obsessed with the card.
she carries it everywhere she goes.
she even stops & pretends to read it, in her little livy-language.
it's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

my girls [& their quirks] make me so happy.


Coree Adams said...

I love her and the adorable outfit she is in. Can't wait to see her tomorrow!

rachbechep said...

i love liv's face in that one...
and her outfit is SO cute.

ps. i got a good laugh out of the ipeed too...oh bachelor parties. :)

Bev said...

You and your cute fam make me happy!! Quirks are so fun, especially when you're 2!

runningfan said...

WHO are those grown-up girls? I can't quite get over Livy. So cute!