sweet, sweet livy throwing a this-is-why-it's-called-the-terrible-two's tantrum.

5 year old chloe posing.

me, in the bathroom mirror: self-portrait style.

lung infection/fever-sportin' myron, out {among the weeds} replacing the radiator....because he's amazing like that.


Bev said...

You really are a "group" like no other..........Love every single one of you!!

Heidi said...

Cute post! Love your outfit. :)

granny said...

Such fun pictures. Such a fun family!

Peg and Parker said...

I love your cute family and that you tell it like it is. Your little family rocks!

Beth Curtis said...

dear Angie,
Now that we are moving back up to Phoenix, Can we play with you guys?

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

you and your family are just so cute! love way you are! :)

p.s. love your cardigan in the pic