baby prison

and lo, verily verily i say unto you...the day has come.
livy has officially mastered the skill of climbing out of her crib.

this is a day that i have dreaded immensely, because i could not even [fathom] the possibility of her voluntarily staying in her bed & happily falling asleep on her own.

early bedtime & long healthy naps are important around here...to babe & mommy both!
[anything] that disrupts our sleeping system is [no bueno.]

well, the first night was rough. it was about 5 hours of escorting her back to her bed, tantrum after tantrum after tantrum. and finally, we had to {lovingly!} barricade her in her bedroom to cry it out. she was NOT a happy camper-but after a while of some intense terrible-two-ness, there was [finally!] silence from our utterly exhausted child.

myron & i opened the door, to find her sound asleep, laying on the ground, naked, surrounded by a mess that resembled an irish pub fight. her bedding/crib skirt was off the bed, books scattered everywhere, her princess table/chairs on the bed...every shoe, toy, and item of clothing she could reach was strewn about her 10x10 space.

bless her heart, she's a stubborn little thang.

needless to say, we've stripped her world of all books, toys & other distractions.
thus, her room resembling baby prison.
*at least she has granny's handmade quilt to keep her cozy. :)

tonight will be her 3rd night in her big girl bed.
there is a lot of progress to be made, including [not] waking up at 4-5am.
please pray for us. :)


Unknown said...

It probably doesn't help *at all* for me to say I'VE BEEN THERE, but I can really empathize. Hang in there, mama!

P.S. Where was Chloe during all this? I thought they shared a room...

Jamie said...

Baby prison? You crack me up! May the force be with you and bless sweet ol' Livy's ♥!

Staci said...

Oh this is NOT a fun stage! I almost bought the crib tent that "locks them in the crib" with my 2nd. I'm sure you know it will get better, but taking all the toys away will help!

Is it bad I put my oldest in his stroller in his room for naps, because he coudln't get out of the buckles???

mamamuniz said...

I wish for you and Liv that she can settile into her new routine quickly. Baby prison, too funny, but the lack of distractions might help...

Bev said...

I am laughing out loud.....

sandalloons40 said...

I can't feel the pain girl. I had three and just the same thing. no no sleeping in mama bear bed and she will adjust and you will too.hang in there. we all rooting for you!

onehm said...

Oh so sorry. YUCK!
I must say, I love the "baby prison" remark.

And we just picked up foam sheets from the Home Depot that are lined with reflective paper to put in some of the windows to cut down our utility bills...they also cut out the light and my baby is finally sleeping until 6:30 or 7. :) It's not very expensive...and maybe it will help her to sleep longer?

My friend with 8 kiddos under the age of 10 (!) uses a baby gate in the doorway. It makes a big difference for her.

Kaytie Brown said...

Um... if I didn't have morals I would come to AZ and steal that Granny made quilt right now. SO cute.

Megan said...

I seriously laughed SO HARD at your description of how you found her. I then read it to Adam and we both proceeded to laugh ridiculously hard! I know it probably wasn't funny at the time... But I couldn't help it. Hopefully it is getting better!