now that camp is behind me,
summer can officially start.

i made some simple plans to make the next 3-ish months memorable.
i want this summer to be filled to the brim with happy.

me & chlo' crafted up a little summer 2011 vision board just for fun.
*to kinda visually remind us what our goals are.

i added it to my inspiration wall in the kitchen.
it makes me happy.

*what fun things are you doing this summer?

i plan to:
make homemade popsicles
take the girls swimming {a ton}
take a mini-vacation to benson
organize & print photos
learn some hymns on the piano
read: leadership & self-deception
make it possible to park both cars in the garage
use the juicer & the dehydrator frequently
take library trips
visit sunsplash
grow my hair out a little
finish the book of mormon
refrain from complaining about the heat
plan playdays with friends for chloe
perform random acts of kindness
sew a skirt or dress or something pretty
read scriptures, say prayers, exercise & get ready [everyday] {no matter what}
try a new recipe once a week
paint my toes fun colors
lose a little {or a lot} bit of weight
live my best life


Brittany Marie Trevino said...

i love your idea of a inspiration wall and that you made little vision boards/frames..sooo cute! you're so cute..i like all of your summer plans.."to get ready everyday no matter what!" i sense your determination there and i should do the same! lol

Sassy said...

I love that.....love your list....I use to make these years ago and think it is high time to do another..........LOVE YOU!

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

i LOVE this!

Unknown said...

You go girl! I'm thinking I wish I lived in Benson during your little vaycay...

Jamie said...

Amen Sister!
PS - We would love to have a playdate with Miss Chloe!

Durfee Family said...

my favorite was "refrain from complaining about the heat" uhhhh - I don't think I could do that one, but I might just try! ;)

And if you want a couple of new recipes I tried two this week! YUMMY. One used tomatoes from my garden and one was zucchini also from my garden! :)

BTW - you are SO fun and such a good example! :)

Staci said...

Cheers to a HAPPY SUMMER!!! I love your board & your list of to do's!

shyrlb828 said...

Angie, your posts are so inspiring

Manders said...

I love this blog!!

Mark Dixon said...

You inspire me, Angie!

granny said...

I think I'm ready to tackle "post-camp" projects as well. One on my list is "chill." Hahahah.