summertime and the living is easy

i can truthfully say, i am really enjoying summer this year so far.

i have loved: doing a few sessions of city swimming lessons with my girls. they are both just obsessed with the water & are starting to learn-ish how to swim-ish. *emphasis on the -ish. ;)

i have also loved: having a cute-ish swimming suit that fits-ish, so i can actually get in the water with my kiddos & learn songs like "b is for bubbles" and "i'm a little pancake" and "ring around the otter"....[ps: they get stuck in my head alllllll day; it's awesome.]

i have loved: the yummy fruit that is cheap & how chloe requests "cukes" and "cants" {cucumbers & cantelope} for breakfast, lunch & dinner. *and every time she saids "cukes & cants" it reminds me of my grandma dent who i love so, so dearly.

i have loved: having a cute friend to be my walking partner in the mornings. it makes my day happier.

i have loved: wearing shorts & sandles & shades & lip gloss. ;)

i have loved: taking my girlies to the weekly, cheap morning kid movies! *and taking long naps during the boring ones. [ahem, how to train your dragon, ahem]

i have loved: how tall my zinnias have gotten this year. although, they are now hardcore dying & shall be extracted by the end of the week!

i have loved: the fun, spontaneous things we have done, like hilarious lunches with peeps & school-shopping trips with nama.

i have loved: searching for little, inexpensive things, like a $2 bag of off-brand otter pops....to spice up a hot/lazy afternoon.

i have loved: just enjoying my little family at home. i'm so grateful for this time before chloe enters the big/bad world of education in the fall. :)

you know, my little existence still has it's hardcore ups & downs.....but at the end of our 115 degree days, when all is said & done....i really do recognize and appreciate the things that fill my life with goodness.

i think the sunshine brings out the best in me.


Bev said...

I'll trade you place any time....I love your life! ps....mine's pretty good too, but you have two little cuties to share yours with! Love this!

granny said...

Pretty awesome attitude there, my friend. Love it, love you.

Unknown said...

Sounds like you ARE having a great summer! Good for you! I too like to take naps in the summer movies. Or... bring my nook and read instead. Noah hates that I don't watch the movie with him but I can't handle some of those movies!

jack+alli said...

don't know the bubbles and pancake songs, but now i'll have "summer time" stuck in my head today :)
ps: i love your cute blog and your happy outlook on life.

Kristen said...

I can't believe you said that about How To Train Your Dragon! I love that movie.

Marie said...

I think a good swimsuit is key to a great summer. I invested in one this summer that I felt comfortable in that I thought was cute. Best. Purchase. Ever. Now I can all swim with confidence! (Except not on the flow rider at Rhodes-maybe I about lost the bottoms on my cute and modest tankini. Or maybe not:)

Sam and Sarah Rogers- Est. 2003- said...

Ange, even in 90 plus degree heat every morning, the walks make my day that much better too...thx good buddy, "you've got a friend in me."

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

your attitude and outlook is bright as the sun! love all your loves this summer so far :)