today's events

-myron shaved his mustache
[biggest sigh of relief; omg that went on for way too long]

-myron mowed the lawn
[i kissed his freshly shaven face for it]

-first day of swimming lessons was a major, hilarious, adorable success
[for both girls]

-happy meals + playplace, compliments of chloe's piggy bank
[$6.54 in pennies, dimes & nickles = they hated us]

-snuck a small costa vida salad into mcdonalds for me. :)
[i felt a little rebellious, but it was worth it]

-finished sewin' up & delivered a fun banner for a friend/client
[with the yummiest color scheme]

-hung out with my mom for a bit, made little pizzas at her place for dinner & did puzzles with the girls
[i love my mom so much: she's my bff]

-took the girls to the store for a wet wipe/diaper run because we are almost out
[that's how we roll around here]

-looked at my house after the kids had gone to bed: took a tally of all the olivia messes, including an entire bag of popcorn kernels dumped out on the kitchen floor....wanted to cry, but didn't.
[tomorrow: cleaning day!]

*just another day in paradise!


granny said...

*one of my all time favorite songs.
loved seeing you today.
you can clean while I crunch numbers. Haha.

rachbechep said...

one of my favorite songs too!!

what a great day! i want to see you guys soon!... :)

Durfee Family said...

Sounds like a great day to me! :)